Chad McCoy’s EPK

Chad McCoy is a Party-Rocking Simultaneous Multi-Instrumentalist, playing high energy and dynamic acoustic rock and roll, punk and soul. 

Having spent a good part of his 20s as a busking vagabond, Chad McCoy creates songs that celebrate self-reliance and discovery, stylized after the 90's Alternative music he grew up on, and in true D.I.Y. fashion, played on instruments he's made and modified himself.

“Great Team! is the latest from Chad McCoy, and it bounces along in that Hold Steady
sort of tradition. Gruff vocals and pop hooks don’t always blend seamlessly, but
there’s no question they do here.”
— Adam Carter, In The Key Of C, CBC Radio

Seeing him in action means witnessing a person speedily strumming an amplified acoustic guitar, kicking out a drum beat with his 2 feet, and tapping out tunes with his trusty Little Tykes toy piano, all while singing songs that celebrate independence and positivity. Chad McCoy is a genuinely unique performer and artist, blending the D.I.Y. nature of punk, the approachability of folk, and the straight-up good times of rock and roll.

In the Summer of 2019 he embarked on a pedal-powered, musical tour by bicycle around Southwestern Nova Scotia to celebrate the release of his 2nd E.P., “Packin’ Light”. Travelling 750kms from Halifax to Yarmouth to Wolfville and back to Halifax, and pulling a trailer full of musical instruments and camping gear (and some snacks), Chad performed his busking-styled simultaneous multi-instrumentalist show all over the place from breweries and cafes, to farmers markets, house parties, campfires, and street corners.

Currently he is decompressing from the Packin’ Light Tour in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, playing shows around the province, and making plans to do another musical tour by bicycle through the Maritimes in the Summer of 2020.

Chad McCoy is also the stage name of Brad McGoey, who chose this pseudonym based on a joke between 3 friends back in ‘06. It has proven to be quite confusing.



A live take of Tracks, a song from the Packin' Light E.P., performed while on the Packin' Light Tour.

Chad McCoy's Packin' Light Tour! Travelling 750km by bicycle around Southwestern Nova Scotia, dragging a trailer full of musical instruments, and playing shows along the way!
In the Summer of 2017 I went on tour as a musician for the first time, traveling by bicycle and towing a trailer full of instruments and camping gear along Lake Huron, from Sarnia to Tobermory. It was an idea, and for the most part it worked.

A tidy little live version of Diggin' the Ground from Chad McCoy's debut E.P. "A Few Crumbs, 1 of 2"

Filmed by Rhi, Nicola, and Hilary