How Do You Install An Outdoor Blink Camera


How Do You Install An Outdoor Blink Camera. Your blink xt2 comes with a camera mount, mount riser, and two screws in the box. If you would like to order more, you may do so at

Blink XT Outdoor Security Camera System Review Unboxing from

Once you install the camera outdoor, it will automatically adjust according to the environment and produce better quality videos. Scan the qr code sticker, found inside the back cover. The two provided screws are wood screws.

Mounting Screws Are Included In The Box.

Just as the name, these hooks hold the camera in position by “clipping” into a seam in the decorative vinyl siding of your house or apartment. Once mounted to the wall, you can rotate the mounting bracket and open and close the hinge to pick the perfect angle for your camera. Mounting your blink xt the mount will be inserted into the round opening in the center of the camera's battery cover.

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Use Vinyl Siding Clips Hooks.

How to set up blink sync module. Use live view for this camera by tapping this icon. These are great devices but placement is important, and you don’t want to have to take it down and start all over again.

The Mount Riser Is Used To Increase The Distance From The Mounting Surface To The Camera, Allowing For A Wider Range Of Motion When Positioning The Camera.

When the serial number is recognized, you are shown the camera onboarding screen. You can verify the camera view and check placement simply by. To add a blink indoor or outdoor camera, tap the plus symbol + on the app home screen.

Your Blink Xt2 Comes With A Camera Mount, Mount Riser, And Two Screws In The Box.

If you would like to order more, you may do so at Most garden sheds hold valuable gardening tools, power tools and bicycles. Blink cameras are easy to mount outdoors, but you need to do so securely to prevent them from falling down and getting damaged.

Once You Install The Camera Outdoor, It Will Automatically Adjust According To The Environment And Produce Better Quality Videos.

The blink outdoor camera can be used inside or outside, which opens up many opportunities for surveillance. While you’re at it, consider the backyard more generally, such as the entrance to it, and perhaps another camera pointing to a shed if you have one. Extra mounts and other accessories are easily found at

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