Packin' Light Cover

Packin’ Light E.P.

Released Feb 2019 - Produced by Siegfried Meier and Chad McCoy

A ripper of a little E.P, 10 minutes of energy. Ideal for cranking while biking down the biggest hill in town, or to play continuously while building a shelter to camp in for the season.

A Few Crumbs cover.jpg

A Few Crumbs,

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Released March 2017 - Produced by Chad McCoy and Chris Colvin at Studio A

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D.I.Y. Rock'n'Roll, Punk and Soul!! Debut album of road songs, featuring much positivity and rippin'ness. Created whilst living in a van, for a grand sum of $400, though it sounds like an album that could have easily cost $600.

Post “Apples of ‘94” Tour Recordings

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Released Early 2018 - Produced by Chad McCoy and Siegfried Meier

Clock Tickin’ (Singles Version)

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Released Mar 2017 - Produced by Chad McCoy and Chris Colvin, Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel

100 Years or So - Live on Live 55

A tasty little live version of 100 Years Or So - recorded for CJRU 1280’s Live 55, with David French on Sax and Eric Gibson on Bass - Feb 2017?