On March 24th, 2017, Chad McCoy released his self-produced debut album "A Few Crumbs, 1 of 2". It cost $400 to make but sounds like it could easily have cost $600. During the recording of this album Chad was living in a '98 Mercury Villager in downtown Toronto; some of the guitar takes were recorded in said van! Neato! 


Lots of excellent humans were involved in this album and it would be a shame not to thank the heck out of them. 

Amelia Snarey, Dave Snarey, Eve Nelson, Andrea Leyser, Jason Adair, Alon Shenfield, Zebulun Barnow, Luke Robertson, David French, Angela Schwarzkopf, Etienne Levesque, Kelly Gilbert, Jimmy Peat, Sebastian Lesch, Jan? Jacqueline Ronson, Zakary Harrison, Thomas Lappano, Luc Forsyth, and Chris Colvin...Thank You!

After the "Very Official and Highly Professional Apples of '94 Tour, 2017", Chad teamed up with Siegfried Meier to create these two little ditties. More coming in 2018!

Live from Live 55 w/David French and Eric Gibson